I’m Katie. Mid-twenties fashionista and beauty expert from New Zealand.
Just kidding. I’m from New Zealand, sure. But I wouldn’t know fashion or expert beauty if it hit me in the face with a high powered spud gun.
So what can I tell you about myself that is factual?
Well, I’m 99.8% European, 0.1% Sub-Saharan Africa and 0.1% Japanese.
No Katie, that’s just silly. Well 23andMe told me so. They analysed my DNA and shit. Pretty cool, amirite?

How about some punchy bullet points about me so you can feel like you’re getting to know me better?

  • I like cheese. Cheeeeeeese.
  • I love period dramas.
  • I primarily eat Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) because I was sick of being fat and hating myself. I now feel awesome!
  • I have sparkly red shoes that I wear every day, pretty much. #fashionista
  • This is hard. I’ll finish it later maybe.

So, why am I here? Doin’ the blog?

Well, if there’s one thing the blogdom has a surplus of, it’s beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs.
Each as perfect as the next. While I admire each one of the lovely ladies (and lads) that curate these, it kind of makes me feel like a failure as a human being. I barely know how to cook. I can’t draw on eyeliner to save myself. And the only time I’ve ever worn something fashionable was when my mother dressed me in some bad ass toddler jeans when I was 2.
So here I am, filling in this gap with my anti-lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog. I’m going to attempt the perfection that the rest of the blogosphere seems to attain so effortlessly. And show you every single one of my fuck-ups along the way.