8 goals down, 93 to go!

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As of today, I finally finished coming up with goals for my 101 in 1001 list. It’s been a challenge in itself – coming up with 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 2.75 years. Of course, the challenge officially started on the 1st of January so I’ve been chipping away at some of the larger goals and completing some of the smaller ones. Here’s a quick break down of what I’ve achieved so far!

15. Finish watching Roswell

This was one of my favourite TV series as a 11-13 year old. I was in love with Max and the love story between him and Liz. Fifteen years on and I still feel the same. It was a really bittersweet ending for me. I became so involved in the show and so used to having the characters around – it almost felt like leaving friends behind.

21. Visit the Air NZ 75 years exhibit at Te Papa


I love planes. I am terrified of flying, but I freaking LOVE planes. Blame it on my Dad. He used to have his Private Pilots Licence and would take my sister and I to the local aerodrome most weekends to sit there and watch the planes land and take off. When I heard about the Air NZ exhibit I was so excited. I was initially planning a weekend away in Wellington based around seeing the exhibit with my boyfriend but then my work needed me to travel down there for a week. Flights and accom were covered, so why not pop in during their late night on Thursday and check it out? I really enjoyed walking through the history of one of my favourite airlines.

36. Visit a museum by myself

Okay so this kind of ties in with the one above. I had never been to a museum by myself – which is silly. Museums are so much more enjoyable when you’re able to walk through at your own pace and leisurely browse whatever catches your interest. I’ve missed out on seeing some really cool things in museums because others wanted to rush through. It was great being able to take in the Air NZ exhibit and some others on the same floor at my own speed. I’ll definitely be doing this again!

58. Go to another #brunchclub event

I went to the January #brunchclub event at the White Rabbit. While I probably don’t have the nicest things to say about the venue, the company was amazing. I was sitting with the lovely Sandi from Bakeology and Anjali from L&P to English Tea. I just have to say that Anjali’s hair is gorgeous and I may have weirded her out by staring at it in envy most of the time. It was als oa great chance to catch up with my buddy from Uni – Ben from benevans.co.nz.

59. Go sailing on a yacht


I’m pretty lucky that one of my good friends owns a 24 foot yacht. We went out sailing to Motuihe Island the day before I had to go back to work. It was glorious. I basically sat on the bow the entire time, avoiding any sailing duties while drinking beer and sunning myself. When we anchored up at Motuihe we had lots of fun jumping of the yacht into the water. 10/10 would sail again.

64. Come up with 101 goals

This was harder than it seemed. It took me one month and 8 days to finish the list! I’m really happy with what I’ve come up with and I’m fairly certain it is going to be achievable!

70. Go to Tawharanui

I fell in love with this place when I went there for a hike with some friends back in 2013. I didn’t realise it was better known as a beach and we spent the entire day walking around the peninsula. While that was an awesome day, I swore to myself I’d come back just to enjoy the beach one day. Back in FebruaryΒ I was finally able to do this. We drove up there with a bunch of friends, found a shady spot to set up and base and spent the day swimming, lazing on the beach eating and playing “throw the ball to each other and try not to get it caught in the outgoing tide!” in the water.

73. Meet up with bloggers outside of Auckland

Okay, so I kind of put this one on the list, knowing it would happen. When my work sent me down to Wellington for a week, I asked if any Wellington #brunchclub bloggers would be interested in meeting up one evening. I met some really lovely people and had some amazing 2-for-1 dessert at The Library on Courtenay Place. Highly recommend it by the way! I’m gonna make a shout out to: Dani, Jessie, Matthew, Talulah, Georgina, …… – thanks for being my dessert buddies for the night – you were all wonderful!




  • congrats on crossing out so many items from your list, well done! πŸ™‚

  • Ben

    Great work Katie, you’re smashing your list! How was the rest of Roswell?? I loved that when I was a kid, but I always forgot to stay up late enough (was it like 10pm on a Sunday?)

    • It was on Tuesdays originally, but I think the last season was on Sundays at some ridiculous time. You need to re-watch it. It was SO good.

  • Hahahah! You didn’t weird me out; all good! πŸ˜€
    Yes! Roswell! I came to the Roswell party a bit late. I never saw it when it was actually a thing, but my friend had the series on DVD so I binge watched it one summer a few years ago. It.was.wonderful.
    Yay for crossing things off your list (and for making such a long list!)! Woop!

    • Thanks! I still have days where I’m a bit sad I finished watching it. I was watching it over 2-3 months so it felt like losing friends when it finished. The list is a bit scary at the moment. Haven’t made much progress on it in about a month!

  • Christel Hansen

    Oh shit, I completely forgot about Roswell! I used to love that show!!
    It’s so awesome to see you cross things off your list, I’m trying to cross off as many as I can – and I’m finding it so much fun! oxoxo
    Jealous of the yacht btw. Damn. πŸ˜›

    • You need to watch it again! πŸ˜€ It’s so satisfying ticking things off. I realised I’ve done even more (I actually wrote this about a month ago and only go around to posting it now) – without even consciously thinking about doing them. That happened with the last lot of goals I wrote out – I never set out to do them, but I could tick most of them off after about a year! The magic of writing your goals down, huh?

      • Christel Hansen

        Yes! That’s so true, I realised that too when I was going through my list – but some of them are definitely gonna take some planning! πŸ˜›
        I love making lists, writing down goals and keeping a planner (such a nerd like that) it keeps me accountable and I find it easier to micro-manage my life that way. Hahahaha πŸ™‚