My Biggest Challenge Yet

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A new year, a new start.

I’ve always been someone who made resolutions and never stuck to them. Last year, however, something changed. I set some goals and for the first time in my adult life, I worked damn hard and got some brilliant results.

So this year I have decided to set myself the biggest challenge yet. Over the next 1001 days (just shy of 3 years) I am going to complete 101 challenges that I have set for myself. Some are big. Really big. Others, not so much.

It will be an incredible experience. I will learn a lot, hopefully see a lot and become a much better person from it.

My challenge officially starts today. I should be completing one challenge every ten days to stay on track. Given the nature of my goals, I won’t realistically be ticking them off every ten days so I’m going to have to schedule these tasks in and make sure to fit them into my every day life.

My list isn’t complete right now. Coming up with 101 things I want to achieve in the next 2 and a bit years is no easy feat. Here’s my list as it currently stands. I’d love to know what you’d include in your list (mostly so that I can poach all the great ones for myself). Let me know what you think of my ideas too!

  • AWESOME! I love stuff like this!

    Okay, for bra fittings, I highly recommend seeing the team at Rose & Thorne – hands down the best fitting experience I’ve ever had AND the best range of bras (and they’re under $30)! I also recommend the degustation menus at Meredith’s – so tasty!

    I’m not sure what I’d add to my list, I might have to have a think about that. I look forward to seeing how you get on with your list, good luck! xo

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve heard lots of good things about Rose & Thorne. I’ll definitely be going there as my boobs have stopped shrinking (hopefully there will still be something left to fit! :D)

      I’m going to check out Meredith’s now and dream of delicious fancy food <3_<3

  • Your bio on the right had me in hysterics! As for your list, goodness. What cool ideas! At the top of mine (for now) would be visiting New York in December for Christmas and New Year’s, dying my hair a completely different colour and having a night out in Ponsonby (I’ve lived in Auckland for 5 months now but have a baby, haha. So it hasn’t happened yet!).

    • Oooh an xmas in NY or Paris is definitely on my bucket list, not sure if I can realistically fit it in the next 2.75 years though. So much can change in that time though. It might just happen!!

      If you’re looking to dye your hair something out of the ordinary, I can recommend Live and Let Dye. It can be pricey depending on what you’d normally be willing to pay but the colours are amaaaaazing. 😀 Been there a few times.