What is the 101 in 1001 challenge?

I am promising myself that I will complete 101 measurable tasks within 1001 days, starts Jan 1st, 2015. Some are small and easy. Many are huge undertakings that will require a lot of forethought and planning.

Many are about self improvement. Others are just about ticking off small things I’ve always wanted to do.

How will you keep track of the bigger, on-going goals? 

I’ve created a Google Drive Spreadsheet that anyone can view to see my progress. Each task that needs to be tracked is kept on a separate tab.

So, where’s the list?

You can either check out my list on Day Zero Project (it’s more likely to be up to date) or look at the list below.

  1. Successfully complete a 5×5 100kg squat
  2. Spend 2 Months out of Auckland (can be non-consecutive)
  3. Read 101 books in 1001 days
  4. Reach my goal weight range (59kg – 63kg)
  5. Get a bra properly fitted
  6. Move out of home
  7. Sell 101 things on TradeMe
  8. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
  9. Get a 30 day streak in Duolingo
  10. Create a blogging schedule and stick to it for a month
  11. Try Vlogging
  12. Finish watching Gilmore Girls
  13. Create a skincare regime and stick to it for a month
  14. Pay off my credit card
  15. Finish watching Roswell
  16. Teach myself new make-up tricks by trying 5 different make up tutorials
  17. Complete my Wreck My Journal
  18. Do 1 Second a day videos, every day for a month
  19. Try the 168 hours Life Timesheet for a week
  20. Learn and practice Calligraphy
  21. Visit the Air NZ 75 year Exhibit at Te Papa
  22. Switch my Kiwisaver fund to a better one
  23. Give katiebell.me a fancy makeover
  24. Try a degustation menu
  25. Try a new LCHF recipe
  26. See the Foo Fighters live
  27. Reach 250 likes for katiebell.me on Facebook
  28. Finish the World of Math challenge on Khan Academy
  29. Go sugar free for a month
  30. Successfully finish my Invisalign treatment
  31. Try 5 recipes in my pressure cooker
  32. Reach 100 days in Don’t Starve Together with Sam
  33. Build a battle station (New PC)
  34. Play my guitar for 3 hours a week for a whole month
  35. Go on a brunch date
  36. Visit a Museum by myself
  37. Do a 365 photo challenge – post on instagram
  38. Put $10 into savings for every task completed
  39. Learn how to poach eggs
  40. Watch all the Tarantino Movies
  41. Sew something
  42. Complete 30 consecutive Non-Zero days
  43. Have a delicious treat from Milse
  44. Watch the classic animated pre-2000 Disney movies that I haven’t seen yet
  45. Buy a fancy camera
  46. Learn a go-to hair updo
  47. Take my multi-vitamin every day for a month
  48. Draw/Paint/Sketch a self portrait
  49. Read 5 classics that I haven’t read before
  50. Finish Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  51. Catch ALL the Pokemon in Alpha Sapphire
  52. Renew my passport
  53. Complete a coloring book
  54. Make 5 different LCHF desserts to share with friends
  55. Ask 5 friends to suggest a book and read them all
  56. Pay off my bank loan
  57. Live off last month’s income
  58. Go to another Brunch Club event
  59. Go sailing on a yacht
  60. Read the complete works of Jane Austen
  61. Make my lunch for work two weeks in a row
  62. Listen to 5 podcasts
  63. Learn how to blow dry my hair properly
  64. Come up with 101 goals
  65. Cook dinner 6 nights a week for two weeks
  66. Meet 20 different bloggers in person
  67. Own a total of 3 Bitcoin
  68. Get a spare key cut for my car
  69. Try a tanning bed in winter
  70. Go to Tawharanui
  71. Visit the Coromandel NEW ZEALAND
  72. Finish watching Breaking Bad
  73. Meet up with bloggers outside of Auckland
  74. Use my airpoints
  75. Try intermittent fasting on Keto for a month
  76. Organise a date
  77. Code Academy twice a week for a month
  78. Get my teeth whitened
  79. Buy some good digital scales
  80. Finish reading Atonement
  81. Finish watching Gossip Girl
  82. Read “The Map that changed the world”
  83. Learn how to style a daily look for my hair
  84. Visit a lighthouse
  85. Buy a set of Real Techniques makeup brushes
  86. Enjoy a bath with a lush bath bomb
  87. Read the full Earths Children series
  88. Get business cards for my blog
  89. Go a whole week without reddit
  90. Buy some fancy lingerie
  91. Inspire someone else to make a 101 in 1001
  92. Visit a country I’ve never been to before
  93. Learn how to put on fake eyelashes
  94. Build a blanket fort
  95. Visit the  Hamilton Botanic Gardens
  96. Finish building my blog. Fill in all the content pages
  97. Go on a roadtrip (at least 250km out of Auckland)
  98. Find some of that Lewis Road chocolate milk
  99. Watch a David Attenborough documentary series
  100. Have a spend-free month. Bills, essential food, transport only
  101. Make a new list and start all over again at the end of the 1001 days!
  • This is such a great list!

  • Hi there! Just wanted you to know that you totally inspired me to create a 101 in 1001 days challenge of my own! I’m so excited! Thanks for doin’ your thang! I’d have never know about it if I didn’t magically find you on google while looking up procrastination tactics.. LOL : P Ok, go mark that puppy of your list! Muah!